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In 1972 NASA launches the Pioneer 10 satellite. On board it has a golden plaque with an engraved message for extraterrestrial intelligent life: The symbolic picture of our solar system and the image of a man and a woman.

For the inhabitants of Rosfeld encounters of the third kind are not on their daily agenda. A lot more pressing is the question why rival neighboring village Bisiningen has once again won the local football tournament. Not to forget that once more Biesingen and not Rosfeld will get the annual country fair. All attempts by Rosfeld’s mayor Berger to change his insignificant village’s fate have failed for years. His futile struggles are either foiled by the sheer mental sluggishness of his constituents or by the over-eager environmental activism of Mrs. Kombüchen or the defiance of farmer and landowner Koppler.
But deliverance is at hand!

The small world of Rosfeld is turning upside down, when unexpectedly an alien spaceship materializes over the rooftops of the village.
Now mayor Berger sees his chance to eternal glory. He will make the first interstellar contact! And this time NOBODY will question Rosfeld’s right to a place in the history books!
Now pressing questions arise: What local specialty is fitting for an alien gift hamper? And what music can the local marching band play, to give the occasion the necessary grandeur? All that is available is a tuba, a triangle and the cymbals…
What Berger does not take into account while planning the reception is, that everything the alien life form knows about mankind fits on a small golden plaque...