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The Rosfelders

Josef Berger (Lutz Reichert)

The mayor of Rosfeld is sick of the fact that his community is always playing second fiddle to neighbor Biesingen. For years he wants to put Rosfeld on the map, also fort he sake of his career as local politician. Up to now all his high-flying plans crash-landed rather quickly

Ferdi Stegner (Lars Evers)

Ferdi is the assistant to the mayor and always the first to suffer from Berger’s big plans. While the mayor fantasizes about attracting high-tech firms to the area Ferdi is left alone with the daily grind of town hall-business. Nevertheless Ferdi’s loyalty to Berger is limitless. He would do anything for his boss.

Frau Kombüchen (Alice Eßer)

The high school-teacher is not a native of Rosfeld. She moved to the countryside to be closer to nature. She is a devout environmentalist and hobby-ornithologist. She has a talent to get on anybodies nerves, and she is a special pain in the neck for mayor Berger. Many times she has petitioned against any project of his that could endanger animal or plantlife around Rosfeld.

Karoline Berger (Monika Blankenberg)

She is the wife of the mayor and seers herself as first lady of the village. She knows everybody’s dirty little secrets and knows how to capitalize on them. Furthermore the is the only person able to get her husband in touch with reality - at least every now and then.

Pfarrer Heimann (Jo Stock)

The young priest is still new to Rosfeld. He has no reason to complain about a lack of conviction in his parish, but secretly he wonders why he ended up in this village from all places. What gives him consolation is not so much the bible as his huge collection of science-fiction literature and films.

Jonas (Magnus Kron)

The youngest inhabitant of the village is eleven years old and everybody is very proud of him. He is quiet, polite, good in school and always eager to please the grown-ups. No wonder his big brother David can’t stand him

David (Konstantin Hochkeppel)

The seventeen years old tries to be the exact opposite of his darling little brother Jonas. He tries to hold the grown-ups at bay by playing the rebel and dressing up gothic-style.
But his black coat and spiked leather collar can’t belie the fact that he is actually completely harmless. Out of lack of alternatives he is deeply in love with Christine, a local country girl. Not actually a match made in heaven, but there are no other girls around.

Christine (Maike Jüttendonk)

The eighteen years old Christine is a real county bumpkin. She goes to church every Sunday, helps her mother in the kitchen and is member of the local rifle-club. A complete absence of talent notwithstanding she play the timbal in the club’s marching band. She thinks David with his dark outfits is kind of spooky but also kind of cool...

Bauer Koppler (Frank Trunz)

Mr. Koppler is the biggest landowner in the area and also mayor Berger’s biggest rival, whom he deems an inflated airhead. Koppler believes all of Berger’s plans are not worth the paper they are scribbled on and sabotages them wherever he can.